School & Church

Today I went to school… it is a big school and I felt very little in there even though I was wearing my high boots (4 inch heels!!) Sarah and Zoe also came in to school, but they were braver than me and hadn’t put high heeled shoes on!
Anyway the story continues….

I went in at the request of one of the RE teachers to talk about church as he wants them to realise that Church does not have to be stuffy, musty, dusty, old, cold, and for christians… they were the responses from the young people to the question “what do you think of when I say church?” there were some other comments as well that are not really repeatable on here!!
One young person said it was ‘life changing’ – wow!! awesome! and it should be, if we allow the Holy Spirit to be in us and work through us… but too often we limit what can happen by putting obstacles in the way…

At the end of the two sessions the question was asked ‘has what Revd. Dot & Sarah said changed your mind on church now? There were quite a few in each group who said yes! What more could we ask for… hopefully hearts have been touched and changed by our encounter with them.

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